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 Bad me, late as usual.  I heard from my mortgage broker guy yesterday evening.  Apparently he spoke to the lawyer’s assistant, and he had her call me to tell me it would probably be another couple of months.  It seems the bank I”m buying the house from through seller hasn’t done ANY reasearch on it yet, and it will take a couple of months.  I don’t want to be sued, so I won’t give you my opinion of Wells Fargo right now.  I told mortgage broker I don”t want to move in February.  Did that before, and learned my lesson.  Moved from the Bronx to my first house on Long Island.  It was in a blizzard, February of  ’77.  My engine seized, and my car wasn’t too happy either.  The movers had to shovel a path to the house, and were unloading when we finally got there.  I KNOW I didn’t tip them enough.  Aiming at March.


Hubby would love one of these.  Gotta think about it.  Nice buy.

Today only, JosABank.com drops the price of select Men’s cashmere sweaters from $225-$295 to just $47.87 each. The V-Neck Sweater, Crewneck Sweater, Polo Sweater, Vest Sweater and Cable Vest Sweater all drop to $47.87 with no codes needed. Each sweater comes in several colors and is dry clean only. Shipping is $5.95 and sales tax is charged in states with Jos. A. Bank retail locations.
From my friend Patty:
It takes 7 seconds for food to pass from mouth to stomach. A human hair can hold 3kg. The length of a penis is 3 times the length of the thumb. The femur is as hard as concrete. A woman’s heart beats faster then a man’s. Women blink 2x as much as men. We use 300 muscles just to keep our balance when we stand. The woman has read this entire text. The man is still looking at his thumb.
I hope this works.  Watch my CoverGirl ad.
I’m a BzzAgent and doi campoaigns for them.  I love this one because I really do use CoverGirl mascara and face makeup.  Anyway, you might like to sign up for their site on Facebook.  Chances to be on tv shows and win prizes, and best of all, do an ad like I did.

Win Authentic Sunday Sauce with Meatballs!
Mr Food is  giving away one box of Mama Mancini’s Sunday Sauce & Meatballs to each of 5 lucky winners.  The deadline to enter is January 9, 2011 at 11:59:59 p.m. Eastern.

Have  yourself a great, and hopefully not too snowy weekend.

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I woke up scared this morning.  Nobody lying across my body, nobody kneading my chest, and Ray-Ray was missing too.  I searched the house calling him, picked up the comforter in the spare bedroom in case his skinny self was hiding unnoticed under it, checked all the closets and bathrooms, and figured that when Hubby got home last night, after midnight, he may have been so tired he let Ray out, so out I went in my nightshirt callin Ray-Ray up and down the street.    Came in and woke poor Hubby who is working OT again tonight, and really needs sleep.  Went outside again, and when I came back in Hubby said, “He’s looking for you.”  There was my little stinker walking toward me.  I started to cry.  He went arms up, to be held, I cried, and all is well in our little world.

I made that spaghetti sauce soup.  Just sweated a little finely diced onion, basil, flat leaf parsley, and thyme.  Added a bit of cayenne pepper.  If I wasn’t using roasted garlic flavored sauce, I’d have added some garlic too.  Anyway, it’s quite good.  Remember, you just sweat your herbs, add a jar of sauce, add 2 cups of water, let simmer 15 minutes.  Couldn’t be easier.  I forgot to add  the cilantro I wanted, but I didn’t miss it.


Kashi is sending free sample bars to replace less healthy, less natural snacks.  They just sent an email to tell me mine is on it’s way.  I don’t remember when I requested it, but that’s good service.

Kashi : Snack Drive


Free compact purse mirror.  Remember to use one of your spare email addresses.

  Teeth Whitening by Zoom!


 I may not have given you the right link for this contest last time.  Definitely worth playing every day, becaue every time you play, you can instantly win, and you will be entered in the sweepstakes too.  Some nice area rugs to choose from. 

Shaw Industries – Improve My Nest


 Tippr ans a nice couples deal today.  It’s a party cruise, including a buffet dinner, 2 drinks and dancing under the stars. Sounds fun to me. 

50% off a Party Cruise around NYC with Marco Polo Cruises | Tippr | New York Deal


I just signed up for this.  It starts Nov 1, and is called Price Knock.  It’s like Groupon and Tippr, but with online stores.  You pick the categories you’re interested in.


Have a great weekend!

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