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Didn’t  accomplish anything this weekend.  Fortunately, Hubby only works Wednesday this week, so I’ll have a little height and muscle around.  If I don’t plant my zucchini and tomatoes soon, they’ll have a very short season. 

Just found out I royally screwed up.  I have all my research done, and was going to the Town Assessor’s office today to file my tax grievance, but found out it’s too late.  Last day is the 3rd Tuesday of the month, and since the 1st Tues was on the first of the month, I only had two weeks, and couldn’t get there.  Guess there’s always next year.


Are these not he cutest canisters ever?   They’re from Food Network, and I have a 15% coupon if you’re interested.  (contact me)   I love them, but they don’t go with my hair.

This Lil' Piggy Canister Set (3-pc.): Pink by Del Rey

We love the piggy canister set seen on Food Network’s “Down Home with the Neelys” so much, we were inspired to come up with one of our own. Our charming “Lil’ Piggy” canister set adds a touch of whimsy to any kitchen. The delightful, 3-piece ceramic set is perfect for dry kitchen storage from cooki… See complete description »




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Today is my birthday.  Grrrr  Anyway, guess, how I’m spending it.  Cooking, cleaning and shopping.  This is not a bad thing.  I’m having my sister, bil, daughter and the fella over on Saturday.  I really like entertaining, and this will be the first time we’re all here together.  Sister & bil going home at night, but the 4 remaining of us will go to brunch Sunday morning.  Sounds like a lovely weekend to me.


Val Mags is legit.  I’ve gotten magazines from them before.

magazine cover

Get 20 issues of FamilyFun free! No strings attached.
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 This goodie is from James of JustFreeStuff.com.  I really think kids need to learn to look things up other than Googling.


Free Britannica Encyclopedia CD
This is from Freebizmags for the first 500 qualifying respondents.
Also from James.  This is a live feed cam of a nest of red tailed hawks.  So far I’ve just seen Mom, and she’s beautiful.

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The cortisone shot may have helped a bit.  I can lift my arm a bit higher, but not without pain.  Sudden moves are not a good thing.  I’m guessing it will get a bit better.  I sure hope so.  I never want to have surgery again.

Still haven’t heard from lawyer.  Wrote and called the managing office of my old apartment about my deposit which has not yet been returned.  No response.    Life as usual.


This is my very favorite utilities program, from GiveAwayOfTheDay.com.  I’ve been using versions for quite a few years, and haven’t found anything better.  Remember, you have to download it today.

Giveaway of the Day – free licensed software daily. Glary Utilities Pro 2.41 – Glary Utilities Pro is a powerful and top all-…


Do you need a Valentine’s Day gift for the person who has everything?  Groupon has the answer.

Adopt a Penguin  http://www.groupon.com//uu992590

Burt’s Bees is having a big sale.  The Grab Bag seems like a winner for $15.
Limited Time Offer

Grab Bag

Limited Time Offer

We’ve mixed and matched our most popular natural products and other special gifts into our Premium Grab Bag.You’ll get 5 full-sized products; an assortment of mini-size products; and some special gifts! This bountiful assortment includes lip balm, lip shimmer, lotion, soap and more.

Contents will vary. All items are sold as is and some may have slight packaging/label related scratches.


$50.00 $15.00

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Have a busy weekend planned.  Going to my cousin’s home in PA to visit her, her husband, and my 95 year old aunt who will also be visiting.  Then my daughter and I are going to a bridal shower for one of my “other” kids.  I’ll let Hubby do the food shopping.  Now isn’t that scary?  We’ll probably be eating hot dogs and peanut butter all next week.

I did something proactive.  I ordered address labels with the new address, and they will be sent to the condo.  Wonder if I’ll be there to receive them.


In case you haven’t done so for a couple of years, remember to put your phone number on the National Do-Not-Call Registry.



 I haven’t seen one, but Kikkoman has a magazine they send twice a year.  I’m guessing it’ s recipes and coupons.

Recipes, Cooking Products and More for Home Cooks – Kikkoman : Offers


 I know, I’m easily amused, but I love this.

Woot® : One Day, One Deal™

Ironic Bunny

Ironic Bunny


  • + free shipping (standard) -or-
  • + $5 to get it overnight (Tuesday) -or-
  • + $5 international shipping
WS, WM, WL, WXL, S, M, L, XL, 2X, 3X,
K4, K6, K8, K10, K12
I Want One!


Have a great weekend!

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I found out what Arms Length” means.  I means I have no relationship with the seller, business, or family.  Okay, I can deal with that.  The problem that has now arisen is that Hubby stops working on 5/26 till 8/25, and we wond have that income to prove.  He works for NYS, and they won’t write a letter saying he’ll be going back to work.  May not be able to get mortgage.  I have a headache.

I just redid this blog.  My computer is not being user friendly.


Is this the cutest cake you ever saw?  I kind of want to give it a  carrot.  Do hedgehogs eat carrots?


I’ve been seeing this new auction site.  I’m not getting the idea of buying bids in advance, but I’m just old fashioned, I guess.  I like the bidding on Ebay.  A lot of very techie items are going for cheap here, if you’re interested.  Laptops, GPS, iPads, etc.



 This site gives you all kinds of stats for your zipcode,  From James, JustFreeStuff.com.

ZIPskinny – Get the Skinny on that ZIP (demographics by ZIP Code)


This is pretty neat.  A bag off seeds t o grow your own pesto mix (basil and ?).  You don’t have to click “like”, an after you submit you’ll get a pop up for a survey, just close it and you see that your request was received.

Free Pesto Mix – Forrest Green Farm

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