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Quick Funny

I sent this to my daughter in email with the subject:

Okay, Now I’m Confused

Her response:

What’s to be confused about, its a cat in a giant pink diaphragm.

Pepsi Max all over my monitor.




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Buzz & Bargains

I love makeup.  I rarely put it on during the week anymore, when I’m going to be home alone, but when she was little, my very literal daughter would be scared when I said I was going to “put on” my face, and wondered what I would look like without putting it on.  While I can surely use the set with the brushes, I think I’ll go for the less expensive one.  Can’t lose either way.  Hope you enjoy today’s deals, and have a gret weekend.


These are great deals with Elf Cosmetics.  The first one is $15 with free s&h with code LUCKYONE .

Makeup and Cosmetics | Shop Eyes Lips Face

Lucky One Look 


This Beauty At All Ages collection, also from e.l.f. is $19 with $6.95 s&h using code CBBEAUTY, but it comes with a huge brush set which would be worth that much on its own (my opinion).

Makeup and Cosmetics | Shop Eyes Lips Face

Beauty At All Ages 

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Yummy Goodie

April 3rd is “BIG CONE DAY” at Ben & Jerry’s.  You can stop in between noon and 8 pm for your free scoop.

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This is for NYers

Saw this on NY Live first.  They have nice, very reasonable clothing for the younger set.  Get there early.  The first 200 get a $100 gift certificate.  There will probably be a line

Opens tomorrow at noon:

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Buzz & Bargain

One needs to have a good CPA and be a magician to get their taxes done.  MIne are stil not done.   ’nuff said.


These are really qute the suckers.  Older version DC14 pulled yarn out of my rug, but then, it was an inexpensive area rug.  I really do love it, and this price is great.  I got mine refuirbished from Amazon forf the same price, this more updated model, is selling for on WOOT.com


Dyson DC33 Multi Floor Vacuum

$199.99 + $5 shipping

This Dyson will sure help you clean. AND THAT’S THE ONLY THING IT WILL DO, YOU UNDERSTAND?
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I recently tried the FF Italian Cream.  Good!  I use several varieties.  Love me some candy coffee.

FREE Bottle of Coffee-Mate Today
Coffee-Mate will be giving away a coupon for a FREE bottle of COFFEE-MATE to the first 200,000 requestors starting 9am PST (12:00 noon EST) today (March 23rd).

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Yummy Coupon

Computer is hanging on by it’s fingernails, but I found this for you.

I like Chili’s President frozen margarita, a lot.  Even Hubby who never drinks anything but an occasional beer has developed a love of them.  They’re not giving them away, but you can get one with the money you save with this coupon.


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