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It’a been a quiet weekend.  Stayed home to avoid gas usage.  Nowhere we had to go.  Last night we watched Deathly Hallows 1.  Thnk I may actually get off my rear and see 2 at the theater when it comes out next week.  I think Black Swan is my next Netflix coming.  My summer resolution is to not let movies sit here for months at a time, and watch them as soon as they come, hopefully at least two a week.


Funniest email subject of the day:

Subject: Half off at the Museum of Sex, Gelato & espresso drinks


Get $10 off $20* on your next drugstore.com purchase when you pay with PayPal. Stock up on the health, beauty, and wellness items you need and save money — simply by checking out with PayPal at drugstore.com drugstore.com
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Kirklnd is Costco’s brand, right?  Good coupon (till 6/14), if you’re a member.




This one’s good through 6/11.




 Looking for a job with lots of perks.

Company Offers Beer, $10,000 Cash and More for New Employees – Careers Articles


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Weekend wasn’t anything to write home (or here) about.  Just food shopped. 

Disappointed in the gas mileage on the Forester.  Well below City, and mostly used for Highway.  Will have to go get a checkup to find out what’s wrong.   Seems to be a lifestyle. 

I hope I find time to watch Despicable Me.  I’m sure Netflix would like it back eventually.  Have you seen it?

I have a soup in the slow cooker.  I’ll tell you about it tomorrow if it comes out good.  I started with a tried & true recipe and had to change it because athe kale was turning yellow and could only salvage a small amount.

My daughter is having a drawing for a set of exercise DVD’s on her blog.  You can enter here:  A Healthy Perspective | The Kim Challenge



Techlicious.com finds all kinds of goodies.  From today’s email:

When my daughter was born, we placed an advertisement for a nanny in a local newspaper. At 6:30 a.m. on the first day the ad ran, the phone started ringing. It was the first applicant out of hundreds who would call inquiring about the position. What I would have given then for a disposable phone number — something I could turn off once I’d made my hire.

Today, I would post the job online and use Babble.ly, a site that generates a free disposable link to your real phone number. When someone clicks on the link, they are prompted to enter their phone number and Babble.ly will call your phone and their phone to connect the call.

For more disposable number options, check out our full story on Techlicious.


I made a yummy chicken dish in the slow cooker (new obsession) yesterday.  Loooked at some recipes and then made this up.

1 chicken separated into sections and skinned

½  cup lite soy sauce

grated fresh ginger to taste, probably a Tbs.

One grated garlic clove and two chopped

One package mushrooms

1 cup chicken broth

Diced onion

bay leaf

fresh ground pepper

Throw it all in slow cooker and  cook 6 – 8 hours.  Serve over rice.  It was really yummy, and then I realized that if I’d added vinegar it would have been chicken adobo.


These are a good buy for leather boots.

Naughty Monkey Schooled at 6pm.com  $30.29

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