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Buzz & Bargain

I haven’t done much to talk about.  I spend most of the week at home.  Last weekend we (as in Hubby) dug up the ugly bush next to my kitchen door.  I’ll be planting my herb garden there.   Not much.  I have a pot of chives (perennial) that surprised me.  I’ll plant parsley, basil and cilantro.  I have to dig up some super ugly shrubs on the other side of the house, gently remove some pathetic bulbs, and turn the soil before returning them after I add some garden soil.  I’m guessing, from the condition of the flowering bulbs (only 2 tulips and a grape hyacinth), nobody ever did this before.  Then I’ll plant some tomatoes and zucchini.  Perhaps a jalapeno or two.  They’re kind of hard (for me) to grow from seed.  I bought two Big Boy tomato plants and have seeds for cherry tomatoes.  Wish I could find grape tomato seeds.  I did find someone selling bearded iris bulbs very reasonable on Ebay, but you get five, and no choice of color mix.  Decided to take my chances. eBay – New & used electronics, cars, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods & more at low prices I loved the ones I had at the apartment, and hate that I didn’t take them.  These were mine.


I think this is a good deal from Ebay, with free s&h.  Great to bring hot food to work and nuke.  Ceramic, so no fears.  $13

Lock & Lock Fine Ceramic Bake and Serve 8 Piece Set-Microwave, Oven,Freezer Safe | eBay

Lock & Lock Fine Ceramic Bake and Serve 8 Piece Set-Microwave, Oven,Freezer Safe 


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Buzz & Freebie

I worked the polls Tuesday.  Crazy amount of people being paid with your tax money, when the candidate is already set.  JMHO.  I’m not complaining.  I get paid to work 17 hours, and the whole time is spent gossiping.  The three voting districts had a total of 80 voters.   I did come home and eat half a half gallon of Blue Bunny Bordeaux Cherry Chocolate ice cream.  Totally yummy, but I must learn moderation…..some day.


Cardstore.com is letting you create a Mothers Day card and they’ll send it.  Totally free with code LUVMOM.

Mothers Day Greeting Cards, Happy Mothers Day Cards, Mothers Day Cards for Wife & Printable Mothers Day Cards at Cardstore.com  Make sure you pick an inside you can add a picture too.  Mom will love that.

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Super Blender Buy

This is my blender.  I also got it refurbished as one of these Ebay deals.  Great, with no s&h.  Best bender I’ve ever had, including my last, more expensive, Kitchenaid.  If you need one, grab it.  Only warning is, it’s a super ice cruasher, but keep your hand on top.  It may flip it’s lid.

KitchenAid 5-Speed Blender – Factory Refurbished – RKSB560 | eBay

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This Krav Maga self defense and body toning class looks great.  Offered to buy my daughter a set of lessons.  Thought I’d share with you.  Sad, but I think everyone needs to know some self defense these days.  When I walked through iffy areas, (which I did often), when I was young, I carried a can opener, (aka church key).  I figured if I pulled it out, the bad guys would be so busy laughing I’d have time to run. 


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Buzz & Bargains

Found this as a comment under a “uses for vodka” aol article:
“A landscaping expert @ Disney world revealed their secret formula for a beautiful bug free lawn. Mix two beers, a cup of mouthwash, one cup of powered laundry detergent, and a half a cup of dishwashing liquid soap, into five gallons of water and spray liberally. Apparently, after you get the bugs drunk and clean, they are so embarrassed, they die. LOL”
I can probably cut that down by 75% for my little 3′ around my condo garden area.  May try it.
This is such a pretty color.  $15 and free s&h with code  MXJ.   
 Joe’sNew BalanceOutlet.com is having a great final markdown sale.  I thought these men’s cross-trainers were a great deal for $30, but there are so many more.
New Balance 416

Final Markdown
New Balance 416
Now: $29.99
Orig: $64.99
Save: $35.00 (54%)
Have a great weekend!

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Buzz, Bargain

‘Other than my shoulder/neck being a bitch, I had a lovely weekend.  Saturday afternoon my company arrived, and my sister helped me finish up.  I made a Mexican style lunch.  The Fella is a vegetarian, so I made vegetarian chili and Spanishesque rice, which even my sister, who doesn’t eat chili, liked.  They I put out the makings for everyone to create their own quesadillas or burritos.  We also had salad.  Everyone seemed to be pleased and full.  Sunday my daughter took us to brunch.  It was lovely, and I didn’t have to wash dishes.  Always a good thing.  I got to use my brand new Temptations ovenware set. 


Amazon has the best price on Melitta coffee pods. $24.31 Lots of types. I just ordered this one. 72 pods. I sure hope I like it. Next I’ll try Buzzworthy, a stronger one.
Fall for our premium blend of Central and South American coffees, medium-roasted to deliver a bright, full-flavored breakfast blend with a finish so smooth, you just might start blushing. Fits all coffee pod brewers.

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Today is my birthday.  Grrrr  Anyway, guess, how I’m spending it.  Cooking, cleaning and shopping.  This is not a bad thing.  I’m having my sister, bil, daughter and the fella over on Saturday.  I really like entertaining, and this will be the first time we’re all here together.  Sister & bil going home at night, but the 4 remaining of us will go to brunch Sunday morning.  Sounds like a lovely weekend to me.


Val Mags is legit.  I’ve gotten magazines from them before.

magazine cover

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 This goodie is from James of JustFreeStuff.com.  I really think kids need to learn to look things up other than Googling.


Free Britannica Encyclopedia CD
This is from Freebizmags for the first 500 qualifying respondents.
Also from James.  This is a live feed cam of a nest of red tailed hawks.  So far I’ve just seen Mom, and she’s beautiful.

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