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Buzz & Freebies

I found out why Ray-Ray likes to be in the sink.  Beside being cooler, he likes me to turn on the water so he can drink from the flow.  Odd little fellow, but he’s my odd llittle fellow.  (Pardon my messy  sink, but that brown bottle is Argon Oil (Sally’s), takes all the knots out of your hair.)


I enjoy cooking, and usually do so from scratch, but sometimes I cheat.  The spoon bread recipe is good, and easy.  Anyway, Jiffy is giving away a free cookbook.

Free Jiffy Mix Recipe Book

Free Jiffy Mix Recipe Book

Get a free recipe book from Jiffy Mix. It was recently updated to include recipes using our new mixes – “JIFFY” Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix, “JIFFY” Oatmeal Cookie Mix and “JIFFY” Sugar Cookie Mix.


Today’s giveaway from giveawayoftheday.com looks great.  Gonna try it.  I’m a sucker for photo programs.  Remember, It must be downloaded today.



I’m so late today.  Going to cut it short.  Hope you all have a great weekend.


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 This is becoming a very fattening summer.  Guess I have to cut out the ice cream part of my refreshing diet.  On the lookout for another source of protein.  Hmmmm, smoothies!

I have to make plans for some kind of weekend getaway before Hubby goes back to work the last week of August.    Any  ideas?  We were thinking about the Amish country in PA.  Any places there we should go to/see?  How about Cape Cod, or Provincetown?  Wish I was more decisive about this.  Ideas would be welcome.

I JUST got a surprise.  Went to the restroom (TMI?), and when I went to wash my hands, I found this.  Needless to say, I went to the kitchen to wash.


Thanks to Millie for this one.


Old Navy $2.00 Cami Sale
TGI Fridays is having a $10 gift card giveaway when you ordser two Caribbean style entres.  Before this promo I tried the Captain Morgan Caribbean Conga-Line Chicken Sandwich/  It came with sweegt potato fries and was yummy

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I got involved with something and forgot to finish this morning.  Sorry.  Here’s the abreviated version.

Ray-Ray s really pretty cool.  When you call him, he comes and sits in front of you like a well trained dog.

I think the heat really gets to me, though I hate to admit it.  I came home to change yesterday afternoon, with intntions of going back out, and fell asleep, in my underwear, at the computer.  Shame on me.

My new roasting pan came.  I looks really nice.  I got it so I could make two chickens at a time on the rack.  It will be a while till I try it, I have fried, rotisserie and cutlets (really good ones I made) in the fridge, beside my ribs, and some pot roast I’d better eat soon.  Sadly, all I really want to eat is watermellon, and ice  cream.  I’ll eat better come Fall.

I screwed up on my Crocs order.  Apparently they have the same style for men and women, and guess which sizes I ordered.  You got it.  I called aond their customer service is soooo nice.  Young man guided me toward the ones he gives as gifts, and sent me a form for free return shipping.  Even asked me to take his name and direct number in case of ny other problems.  I WILL be ordering again.


Never heard of thee,but they sound allergerific.

Free Sample of Achooz Saline Nose Wipes

Free Sample of Achooz Saline Nose Wipes

Sign up for Achooz Newz and you’ll receive a FREE SAMPLE of Cool Menthol and Fragrance Free Achooz. You’ll be the first to know about our events, coupons and giveaways!



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Buzz & Bargains

 No time this morning, have to be somewhere, but I listed a couple of  things for you.  I saved over $60 with the Woman Within code.  Wish I knew what size I wear. 

I’m noticing that Ray-Ray is looking a bit stockier, muscles filling out.  Makes me smile.


These deals were listed by Crystal Paine on AOL

Buy One, Get One Free Ice Cream at Baskin-Robbins: Get a free soft serve ice cream cone at Baskin-Robbins when you purchase another soft serve ice cream cone. This coupon expires August 8, 2010.  Buy a backpack at Staples or OfficeMax this week and you can get a full rebate back for the purchase price of the backpack. See more back-to-school deals and freebies.

Free-After-Rebate Backpacks at Staples and OfficeMax:

Get 140 Kids’ Name Labels for $3: You can order 140 kid’s name labels from VistaPrint right now for only $3.16 shipped. These would be perfect to stick on folders, lunch boxes, school books, notebooks, sippy cups, snack bags and more.

Buy One, Get One Half Off Plus 20 Percent Off at Famous Footwear: Famous Footwear is running a Buy One, Get One 1/2 Off Sale right now. Order online and use coupon code SCHOOL1 to get an additional 20 percent off your order. Shipping is free when you purchase three pairs of shoes or $4.50 if you purchase one to two pairs.

Get Pampers Diapers for $0.09 Each: Amazon.com is currently running a 30 percent off diaper sale. You can combine this sale with the $2 off Pampers coupon on their website and the 20 percent off coupon code from Parents or Parenting the Early Years magazines to get Pampers for $0.09 per diaper or less. If you don’t use Pampers, you can combine the 30 percent off sale plus the 20 percent off coupon to score a great deal on other brands of diapers.

Free Snikiddy Product Coupon: Sign up for a free printable Snikiddy product coupon. These are sold at Toys “R” Us, Whole Foods and a number of other grocery stores.

Free Samples of True Lemon: Sign up for free samples of True Lemon, True Lime and True Orange.

KMart Birthday Club: Sign your children up for the KMart Birthday Club and they’ll get $5 in KMart Birthday Bucks to spend, plus a birthday fun pack.

Get $1.50 Cheesecake at The Cheesecake Factory: Click on the “Like” button on The Cheesecake Factory Facebook Page and you can print an exclusive invitation to get a slice of cheesecake for only $1.50 on Thursday, July 29, 2010.

Win Free M&M’s: Play the M&M’s Instant Win Game daily for a chance to win one of 12,000 daily prizes for free M&Ms. You can play every day through August 27, 2010.


If you wear a plus size, or know someone who does, this is a great coupon code.  50% off the entire purchase (except s&h)

Woman Within: Extra 50% off Today Only!
Today only, Woman Within is taking 50% off sitewide via code WW46246 at checkout.
Enter code: WW46246 (50% off)



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Ray-Ray is right at home.  Even took over the remote (typical male).  Apparently he’s a picky eater too.  Giving away a lot of food.  So far he just wants Kitten Chow (though it’s been a while since he was a kitten), chicken, and Halo treats.  Possibly liking Alec (cockatiel) too.


I’m kind of liking these mules.  Question though.  Is Nova leather related to an animal?  I know he calfskikn part is.  I like the tooling, which I guess you can’t see in this reduced picture, but can on the site.



 This has some good deals  I think I’ll get two covered sugar bowls that I’ll use for salt & pepper.

A product thumbnail of Sugar Bowl w/Lidand A product thumbnail of Sugar Bowl w/LidIt also comes in Cinnabar

Mikasa.com – Clearance Sale + Automatic 20% Discount
Mikasa.com sale

Mikasa.com currently has a clearance sale going for dining, drinkware, flatware, and home decor. Add items to your cart to get the extra 20% off. Shipping is free.


 This could be fun, or a lot of work.  I just know that I’d never be able to get back to the “sit” position..


Bally Inflatable Ab Toner

Yugster.com has this Bally ab toner on sale for $9.97 after instant savings. It comes with the inflatable ab toner, foot pump, and a wall chart fitness guide. Shipping is $4.


 I know somebody’s daughter who can use this.


ULTA Beauty – 20% off Entire Order

Coupon Code: 51194   Excludes some items. (Expires 08/01/10)


For those with a sweet/hot tooth,this is a throwback to my childhood, a hundred or so years ago.

Free Pack of Hot Tamales Candy

Free Pack of Hot Tamales Candy

Tamales is giving out one free pack of their hot Tamales Candy. Complete a request form to get your free pack of candy.

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Someone clued me in about my mystery plant.  (Thanks Jan)  It’s Rose of Sharon.  They’re a perennial.   Rose of Sharon is also called Hibiscus syriacus ‘Helene’ and Althea.  It grows as a bush, 8-10′ tall, and is often trimmed to look like a tree.  Ineed to replat this somewhere else.  Too big for the area it’s in.

Ray-Ray is doing fine, which is more than I can say for Hubby’s and my legs.  Since he doesn’t have front claws, he digs in with his rear when he feel like he’s going to fall, or not make the jump onto our laps.  Some training, or armour needed here.  He’s also allergic to many cat foods.  Oy!


A free sample of Nexxus Humectress.



I’m ordering this in blue.  It’s a steal compared to other stores selling it.  Check out your favorite store.  It will probably cost in the $40’s.  Sam’s only sells chickens in 2-packs, and I figure I can roast them together, and have pleanty for dinner, stir fry, pot pie, quesadillas, etc.   There is s&h or $7.  There is a smaller, very similar one, by Paula Deen at Big Lots for $18.

Quickie:  for 7/25 only.  Free sold and popcorn, size of your choice, and AMC/Lowes theaters (US only).  Just click on “claim coupon“, and follow easy directions.
 Valid through July 25
Haven’t seen the latest box office blockbuster? This Sunday, July 25, AMC Lowes is giving movie fans a break at the concession stand. You can buy any size fountain drink and popcorn for just one dollar each. Just click on the “claim coupon” button, enter your information and print your individual coupons for soda and popcorn, which can be used together, but not with any other offers. The coupons are valid for one moviegoer only, so if you’re going with a group, make sure to pass this deal on to them before you meet up. AMC Glendale 12, AMC Olde Town 14, and all Canadian locations are not participating in this offer. Now sit back, enjoy the show and know you got a great deal!

Everyone have a great weekend!

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Went to the class yesterday.  I’m a firm believer in “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.,”  The new Techie update will create havoc.  There will be wires everywhere, and the poll inspectors, who always sat with their backs to the wall, thus making it save for food, pocketbooks, and general belongings, will now be in the middle of the room because the walls will be needed for privacy screens.  It’s not difficult to use, but the old ones were reliable since I was a toddler going in the booth with my mother.  Never let us down.  I wish we were keeping them.

What is this? 

I’m guessing a pretty weed, because I don’t think I planted it.  The flowers open in the afternoon.  I did plant morning glories, but they’re a vine.  This has a strong red stem.  There are no other weeds like this around, so I have no idea where it came from.  Sure is pretty though.


I’ve decided I’ll send for all the free dog food samples and donate them.   This is for an imitation of pig ear treats.



I have a simple/cheap waffle iron, but despite mixed reviews, I think this is a good buy with free s&h.  This is the Waring one.


Standard S&H Included
and, there’s their own brand with $8 s&h, but still less and good reviews.

4.6918 of 5 Stars   (279 reviews)

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