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Download Day

By the time Hubby got home from his 6 hour class (driving thing for discount on insurance), he was really tired.  Worked till midnight the night before, and hadn’t gotten much sleep.  Never got to condo.  Hope it, sans woman with chicken leg, is still there.  Going early today.  Since I’ve been up since 3:30 am, it should be a fun day.

Giveawayoftheday.com has two good ones today.

 The game has a bit of a footprint, but looks different and fun.  I haven’t tried it.  Game Giveaway of the Day – Tunes Jungle Adventure

The children’s photo/paint type program looks to be good, but people have had trouble activating it.  Read comments 10 and 11 for advice.  Giveaway of the Day – free licensed software daily. ArcSoft PhotoStudio Paint – ArcSoft PhotoStudio Paint is creative softwar…


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I play Rise of Atlantis, which I’m sure is almost the same.  Nice game to play over a long period, a bit at a time.

Game Giveaway of the Day – Call of Atlantis Premium




Happy Sunday!

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Saturday Game Special

Giveawayoftheday.com has a nice time management game today.  It got pretty good reviews.  Remember, today only.  Besides, tomorrow you may not have power.  Good luck if you’re in hurricane territory.

Game Giveaway of the Day – Potion Bar

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Game Day

Only for today.  You’ll never have to look for someone to play Monopoly with again.  This is a New York version, so must be great.

Game Giveaway of the Day – Richman Games: Monopoly of New York

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Sunday Special

This is one of my favorite match 3 type games.  I downloaded it last time GAOTD was giving it away.  Has to be downloaded before mednight Eastern.  Game Giveaway of the Day – Atlantis Quest

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Today Only!

I have a love/hate relationship with this game.  I have about 4 levels left, and have been stuck on the same one for weeks.  Way better than most match 3’s.  Give this one a try.   I downloaded it last time it was offered by GAOTD, and definitely get much play time, and frustration, out of it.

KRRM, you liked this when you visited.

Game Giveaway of the Day – Brickshooter Egypt

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Saturday Specials

In case you can use it, just copy and print.


I have a different version (probably way older), but I play it all the time.  The price is right — Free.

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