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………”Free Cone Day” at Ben and Jerry’s, noon till 8pm. Wish I had one close enough for it to be a bargain.


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Another Good Sale

Oneida/Anchor Hocking is having a sale of 20% off your order. I go straight for the sale area. This deviled egg tray is reduced to $3.99, less 20%, $3.19.
Standarsd shipping is $5.49, so you may want to buy several items to make it worth while. These are a good buy too. I have the 1 cup ones (these are 2 cup), and use them all the time. I paid more. http://www.oneida.com/sale/clearance-items/clearance-storage-organization/anchor-hocking-6-piece-2-cup-round-purple-food-storage.html. If you need flatware, this is agood time too. 20% off code is MH20.

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I know I haven’t posted anything for ages, and all kinds of tweets show up on the page that come from some unknown hacker, because Twitter refuses to shut down my hacked account. Anyway, this is me, and I thought I’d share a bargain.

Bonton.com has two coupons you can use in conjunction with each other. APRBDAY is for free s&h at $25, and BLKFRIAPR14 is for up to 25% off (up to means mostly 15%).

I ordered Circulon 16.5″x14″ Roaster with Self Rack + $5 Cash Back By Mail http://www.bonton.com/sc2/shop/home/kitchen/cookware/roasters/circulon-16-5-x14-roaster-with-self-rack-5-cash-back-by-mail_687159.html It came to $8.47 before $5 rebate, and a swag curtain thingy for my bathroom,. They came to $25 and change, so I saved $10 s&h, The roaster has great reviews.

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