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Just Buzz

Did you have a nice long Memorial Day weekend?  Other than breaking a rib (or so Dr Jill thinks), mine was really nice.

Saturday I did some shopping in the morning, and at night we went to a party thrown by one of Hubby’s workmates.  Everyone brought something foodesque, and it was really nice.  I brought salad.  I was sent home with devilled eggs, really yummy stuffed fish, and tuna & shrimp salad.  Sunday I was having company, so Saturday I marinated chicken tenders in buttermilk and seasonings.  Kept turning it, and Sunday I did the triple dip with Panko, and fried them up.  Super delicious, and fork tender.  I also make bow ties with broccolini and garlic, and garlic bread with mozzarella, and salad.  Nice lunch.  Great company.  My friend made this from her own pattern as a housewarming gift.  I love it.  Wish my phone took better pictures.




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If you join American Family, which is a nice site with games, contests, recipes, giveaways, etc, you can get a free year of Better Homes and Gardens on them.  I’d grab it.  Matter of fact, I did.


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Didn’t  accomplish anything this weekend.  Fortunately, Hubby only works Wednesday this week, so I’ll have a little height and muscle around.  If I don’t plant my zucchini and tomatoes soon, they’ll have a very short season. 

Just found out I royally screwed up.  I have all my research done, and was going to the Town Assessor’s office today to file my tax grievance, but found out it’s too late.  Last day is the 3rd Tuesday of the month, and since the 1st Tues was on the first of the month, I only had two weeks, and couldn’t get there.  Guess there’s always next year.


Are these not he cutest canisters ever?   They’re from Food Network, and I have a 15% coupon if you’re interested.  (contact me)   I love them, but they don’t go with my hair.

This Lil' Piggy Canister Set (3-pc.): Pink by Del Rey

We love the piggy canister set seen on Food Network’s “Down Home with the Neelys” so much, we were inspired to come up with one of our own. Our charming “Lil’ Piggy” canister set adds a touch of whimsy to any kitchen. The delightful, 3-piece ceramic set is perfect for dry kitchen storage from cooki… See complete description »



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Buzz & Bargains

ShopNBC.com charges pretty high S & H, like $6.99 for a scarf, but, sometimes you can get free S & H with their credit card.  Might be worth the effort.  Also, don’t take their container sizes too seriously.  Look at the videos to get the right size.


In case you never noticed, I love looking through clearance sections.  I’m always excited to find a great buy, even if I already have the item and won’t be buying it.  In this case I have one that looks just like this, but  by a different brand.  Very happy with mine.

Sabatier® 10.5″ Square Porcelain Enamel Cast Iron Grill Pan ShopNBC.com

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Hi.  Remember me?  My computer went into the shop (Staples) to et my “stuff” transferred.  They didn’t get my Organize files, but copied a bunch of stuff.  Unfortunately, now the computer won’t read my keyboard or printer.  Must bring it back.  I’m on the old one, which is not my friend.

Last Thursday my daughter and I spent an early Mothers Day.  We had tickets to The Chew at 7:30 am.  Caught a 5:42 train into the City.  I think Michael Simon is the cutest.  My daughter got to sit at the tasting table, and it was “Wing Day”.  What can be yummier than wings?  The show will be on 6/21 and she’ll be the taster in the purple dress.  I’m the very short person behind her in a blue blouse.  After the show we went to a coffee-house (okay, coffee is up there in the yummy department too).  One of the camera men recognized my daughter and came over to talk (hit on her?).  He was cute, but she’s taken.  We had a nice talk about the show.  Then, she took me for a Mothers Day lunch at Rosy’s Mexican.  Super pomegranate margarita, lamb tacos, and duck enchilada.  Queen of the doggie bag here finished every bite, and sip.  Everything was delicious, and they make great rice.

Then, we went to The Fella’s apartment and took a nap.  He was out training (he teaches at a City College and is a personal trainer).  We then headed out to Big Daddy’s diner, where I treated the two of them to dinner to celebrate is grad school graduation the next day. 

I got home on the railroad at 12:37 where Hubby met me after work.  Long, but very good day.


I have a store to ward you about.  I ordered two room dividers, on sale with coupon.  After they didn’t come, I called to ask about them.  I was told they cancelled the order because they were out of them.  I checked online, and they still have them, but at a higher price.  I will no longer shop at Furniture, Rugs and Home Decor | Home Decorators Collection.  They’re officially on my poop list.


Sneeqpeeq is giving out a free bamboo ring to new member.  Membership is free, and you don’t have to buy anything, though I have.  Got a snazzy Prolis hot iron for under $30 including s&h.  Never know what they’ll come up with.  If  you join, please do from my link. 



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Buzz & Humor

In the past week I”ve been waaaay too busy shopping to write.  I managed to order the skillet I already mentioned (came yesterday), 2 room dividers from HomeDecorators.com, a Maxx New York handbag (new from Ebay), a watch and a windchime (from Bargain Outfitters), red Krill oil from Amazon (Hubby needs it), and I have 3 dresses coming from Romans, only one of which I”ll keep.  Size question.  I will continue to look for bargains for you, but I am not shopping for anything  but essentials for at least a month.  Bad, bad, bad Jill!


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Buzz & Bargain

Needed a new 10″ skillet.  Found this one on Amazon, and the reviews are pretty super-duper. Amazon.com: T-fal Professional Total Non-Stick 10-1/4-Inch Sauté, Black: Kitchen & Dining Then my sister found it on sale at Kohl’s with 99¢ s&h. T-Fal Nonstick Pro Saute Pans Then I found a 20% off, promo code, SUNSHINE20  Got the 10¼” for $21.06 including tax.  You to scroll down the page at Kohl’s to the small picture of the skillet under the big pic of both sizes.  If you belong to MyPoints.com you can go through them to get points.  Teamwork at it’s best.

T-Fal Nonstick Pro 10-in. Saute Pan

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