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Today is my birthday.  Grrrr  Anyway, guess, how I’m spending it.  Cooking, cleaning and shopping.  This is not a bad thing.  I’m having my sister, bil, daughter and the fella over on Saturday.  I really like entertaining, and this will be the first time we’re all here together.  Sister & bil going home at night, but the 4 remaining of us will go to brunch Sunday morning.  Sounds like a lovely weekend to me.


Val Mags is legit.  I’ve gotten magazines from them before.

magazine cover

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 This goodie is from James of JustFreeStuff.com.  I really think kids need to learn to look things up other than Googling.


Free Britannica Encyclopedia CD
This is from Freebizmags for the first 500 qualifying respondents.
Also from James.  This is a live feed cam of a nest of red tailed hawks.  So far I’ve just seen Mom, and she’s beautiful.

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Buzz & Freebies

OKay, Hubby goes back to work today.  After 3 months at home, this is a whole lifestyle change.  No more going shopping weekdays to avoid the crowds, Nobody else to feed the birds, so I have to be a good mommy.  Basically, I’m a prisoner in the house again, but, for about 9 hours a day, it’s all mine!  I really look forward to Winter and Spring holidays, when Hubby gets a week off, but 3 months straight is overkill.  Eventually, I’ll have to adjust.  He can’t work forever, but so far, so good.  I did get up early and make him sandwiches and made him a nice juice with our new juicer (3 kinds of grapes, srawberries, spinach, carrot and plum).  I’m not really as selfish as I sound, am I? 

Happy Birthday Hubby!  You’re 65 (a grownup?) today!  Since today is a long one for him, we went out to dinner last night.  Nothing extravagant, TGIFridays.  He loves their burgers, and loves burgers above all else.  He had the Southwestern one.  I ordered the Dragonfire Chicken int he package with appetizer and dessert, so we shared potstickers, and vanilla bean cheesecake, along with singing.  I’ll have most of my dinner for lunch today.


I  got mine yesterday, but they’re still available.  Nothing like a free steak, right?  I’d get there ASAP.

The Outback Steakhouse® Great Aussie Steak Out


This looks like it can be interesting even if you don’t have arthritis.  Thanks James.  It’s a guide to generic drugs.



Anyone have a Value City Furniture near them?  A nice Facebook freebie.  A 20 oz candle.  Coupon is good from 8/31 till 9/5.

Value City Furniture (1)


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Birthday Summary

I had a lovely birthday.  My daughater called several times to keep me company.  Also sent me a humongo Mrs Field’s birthday cookie that could feed a small nation, with cute ducks.  Car salesperson said to bring the car in Saturday to hvave it checked.  Didn’t sound real positive, but better than nothing.  Real estate agent called and offered to help with new appreaisal costs.  Hubby’s OT was cancelled, and I got to spend some of my birthday with a featherless biped, and he got me a great present, and cake.  Actually, all on his own, Hubby had decided to get me cookbooks.  Unfortunately, so did I, and got the ones I wanted before he could.  When my daughter bawled me out, I told him not to get me anything else.  These were his idea, and I’d consider them my birthday present from him.   (cat cuddle break)   Anyway, he , who hates shopping for me becaue it leads him to scary places,  and in this case I feel the journey was definitely part of the gift, went into Williasn-Sonoma all by himself and bought me a food mill I’ve been wanting (my little bird must have told him).   I am positive he had no previous knowledge of what this is, and it must have been quite an experience forhim.  I’m really proud of him for braving the mall for me.  I think he was proud too.   He also got me the yummiest Oreo cake.  Big layers of chocolate cake with whipped cream between the layers, covered with whipped cream, chocolate dust and Oreos.  Waaay too good.  Earalier in the day I make myself a grilled muenster with tomato, cilantro and Cajun seasoning for lunch, and angel hair pasta with shrimp and garlic for dinner.  I had dinner alone because I thouight Hubby was working, so made a dish he doesn’t ear.  When I found out he was coming home, I made rice to go with the Thai-ish peanut ginger chicken I made the other day.  He reaslly liked it, so didn’t mind having it again.  It was a nice night, and he even did the dishes.  Good Hubby!

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