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Went into Brooklyn yesterday to say goodbye to our daughter’s apartment of 9 years, and go out to lunch with her.  We drove her and The Fella to IKEA to exchange something, and then they wanted to quickly look at something.  Four hours later they finished shopping.  Grrrr  We will be glad to drive them shopping in the future, but, we’ll leave.  They can call us when they’re done.
Anyway, sent The Fella home with some of the goodies for the new apartment (my daughter is moving in Monday), and she, Hubby and I went out for a very late lunch, AKA dinner.  Very nice local restaurant in Park Slope.  They make their own sausages, in many styles, and have what I believe is hundreds of brands of beer.  Beer makes me gag, but Hubby was a happy camper.  He tried two he’d never had before.  My daughter had a “sour” beer, which she introduced me to.  I still don’t like it, but it’s better than regular.  We went back to her apartment for the last time, and spent a couple hours sitting, talking, and watching tv.  It was nice.  I’ll miss this wonderful apartment, and most totally amazing landlord.  I always felt my daughter was safe there.


I haven’t shared any Ray-Ray pictures lately.  Here’s my little guy “helping” me make the bed.


Good coupon from Friendly’s

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First, My Mamm came out fine.  Still waiting on Dexa and the other scans.  Had bloodwork done yesterday.  This new doctor is super thorough.  As he should be.  8^)

You can make your own judgement about whether I’m being paranoid or not.  For Father’s
Day I took Hubby to Applebee’s (his choice).  The meal was decent, and they made a not bad Margarita.  When it came time to pay, I gave the server a $25 gift card and my credit card.  When I got to a store later and went to pay, I didn’t have my card.  I called Applebees and asked it they had it.  Person left me on hold and never came back.  Some time later another person picked up and asked if I was being helped.  I told him what happened, and he said he was the manager and would check.  I offered that perhaps it was put in the drawer with my gift card by accident.  He came back rather quickly and said he had it.  I asked where he found it,.  He said someone said they found it on the table.  I told him it was never on the table, and he said that it was okay and I should pick it up, it would be in his pocket and I should ask for him.  I would normally say it was my own absent mindedness, but Hubby is sure that my credit card was never returned to the table.  I think the manager’s cavalier attitude about the card not being handled properly is a really scary thing.


These sets are always a good deal when Avon offers them.

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My daughter sent me this link with these wonderful pictures.


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Buzzing Co-Op Pics

Like I said, it needs lots of work.  Doors need to be replaced, I saw some mildew, mirrors have to go.  I apparently can’t take down the tile walls in kitchen, so would proably have to have them sandblasted or something.  Every appliance needs replacing, and I think I’d go with area rugs.  Maybe not.  I’ll have to see. Ceiling lights were remove so I’d get ceiling fans/lights.  Since second bedroom leads to deck, I’d have to use a convertible sofa in there, and make it a den.  The attic is large enough to be a room.  Good storage, though not a garage.  I made a bid on it.

Front door. Bottom pane is broken out.











When you walk in, Kitchen is to the right.  Right wall is mirror which must go.










Living room, which also need mirror removal, but it sure makes it look long.














Utility room











Views from deck










Second bedroom/den











Door to deck from above














Full bath











Full wall of closet in master bedroom










View from master bedroom














Half bath in master bedroom

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